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Venezuela unearthed: uncovering the western media deception

June 26, 2017 - 19:01 -- Admin

By Christian Marx Once again mainstream media is lying and omitting key information in the ongoing situation in Venezuela. The manufactured narrative is all about blaming the Maduro government for the food shortages. However the real truth is buried under a mountain of US centric propaganda. Independent media is far closer to the truth. First…

How long must we endure this pompous, self-righteous, entitled dinosaur?

June 26, 2017 - 09:50 -- Admin

Nothing annoys me more than people who have enjoyed the benefits of this great country seeking to deny them to others. Take Eric Abetz – please. Eric migrated from Germany with his parents and five siblings in the early 1960s.  Despite his great uncle Otto having been a Nazi who was sentenced to 20 years…

Day to Day Politics: Dutton can’t put his argument in plain English.

June 26, 2017 - 06:00 -- Admin

Monday 26 June 2017 After a few days confined to my bed with a virus I’m now well and ready to continue the quest for a better government, a better Australia and a better world. 1 Australia’s Minister for Australian Values and Dog Whistling, the Right Honorable Peter Dutton uses the English Language in the…

Corks pop over Gonski 2.0 con but Turnbull government has nothing to celebrate.

June 25, 2017 - 21:48 -- Admin

Corks pop and peals of laughter ring out over the disco beat of a ghetto-blaster cranking out a Donna Summer number from Liberal offices deep inside Parliament House, safe from the world outside and Canberra’s winter frost. She works hard for the money, MPs sing along with Donna.  It’s 2:00am Friday before MPs can celebrate…

She said what!

June 25, 2017 - 19:04 -- Admin

Senator Hanson recently implied that children on the autistic spectrum should be shunted off to ‘special schools’. However Hanson wants to spin it, she said These kids have a right to an education, by all means, but, if there are a number of them, these children should go into a special classroom and be looked…

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