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Can Canning fix it?

August 21, 2015 - 12:56 -- Admin

To the people of Canning,

You have a grave responsibility in front of you.

It is widely accepted that a defeat for the Liberal Party in Canning would see the end of Tony Abbott’s leadership. Even if you are a conservative voter, this would be to your benefit – it will not cause a change of government but it could snatch your party from the clutches of the Credlin/Abbott cartel which is not only leading your party to defeat but this country to ruin.

The Abbott Government keeps backing the wrong horse

August 21, 2015 - 11:49 -- Admin

I’m not much of a punter. I’ve ventured to the track a handful of times only to invariably put my money on horses that ran last. Truth is, I wouldn’t know a good horse from a bad one. I was more or less throwing away money on something that was never going to win.

A bit like the Abbott Government, in a way.

They too keep backing the wrong horse. They just can’t seem to pick a winner.

Tony Abbott — leader or destroyer?

August 20, 2015 - 15:04 -- Admin

By Barry Tucker

A small heading in today’s Sydney Morning Herald said Tony Abbott is not a bad leader. But how do you judge?

If you judge him by his party’s 2PP polling he would fail the test. If you judged him by his personal popularity polling he would fail the test.

If you judged him on party loyalty, based on continuing Cabinet leaks, he would fail the test.

Question Time fact check

August 19, 2015 - 19:15 -- Admin

In case anyone is unsure about the Coalition’s message, they are about “jobs, growth, and community safety…jobs, growth and community safety.”

Pull out the string and that is what you will hear from every one of them.

Oh, and “the Cabinet is doing exceptionally well” even if we do say so ourselves. Ok, even if we were just told to say that by Peta.