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People that live in glass houses

May 18, 2020 - 18:45 -- Admin

By 2353NM   You may have seen Federal MP Andrew Laming’s comment in the media recently suggesting that parents send their children back to school, regardless of the recommendations of the various Education Departments around Australia. The ABC’s version of the story is here. “Essential workers are being second-guessed, cajoled and in some cases bullied by principals who are…

Stuff from way back when

May 18, 2020 - 12:40 -- Admin

Home-isolation … it’s come to this. I’m prepared to write about anything, even stuff I wouldn’t normally admit to. Such as: When I was a kid on the farm on Kangaroo Island I’d do things that these days I wouldn’t do for any amount of money. Here’s my first example: Playing Biggles in the scrub…

Alan Jones: A rat from the feral right

May 17, 2020 - 06:00 -- Admin

People like Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Andrew Bolt worked out long ago that there is money in hate-filled rants. They are the peddlers of verbal violence and dishonesty and the most vigorous defenders of free speech because it gives their vitriolic nonsense legitimacy. With the use of free speech, the bigots and hate-mongers such…

The Mouse Roars: Australia, China and a Coronavirus Independent Inquiry

May 16, 2020 - 16:00 -- Admin

Australia matters little when it comes to international muscle. It is the retainer and pretender of power, a middle-distance runner who runs out of puff on the final stride. The big boys and girls look, agog. Why did you even bother? In the recent international relations shouting match (for Australia, shouting; for China, sotto voce…

Time to come clean, Scott Morrison, on the hidden agenda

May 15, 2020 - 19:01 -- Admin

Australians are now paying the price for undervaluing education! After fighting a losing battle in relation to action on the climate emergency, against a government which appears to have no respect for, and therefore ignores, science – except when it involves medical science – the next step in dumbing us down is denying any support…