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Email update

November 10, 2017 - 18:17 -- Admin

Over the fold, my latest irregular email update. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, write to me at

Hi all,

It’s been quite a while since my last email newsletter. A variety of things have kept me too busy to do more than keep up with essential obligations, but I’ve managed a little bit of free time, so here’s a summary of some of the things I’ve been doing.


November 6, 2017 - 16:54 -- Admin

A new sandpit for long side discussions, conspiracy theories, idees fixes and so on.

The end of fossil fuels: some data and quick calculations

October 29, 2017 - 12:28 -- Admin

The International Energy Agency recently released data showing that world coal production fell sharply in 2016, mainly because of big cuts in China. Looking at the graph, it appears that the peak in production was around 2013. The price of coal has experienced a “dead cat bounce” over the last year or so, essentially because China has been closing coal mines faster than it’s been closing or cancelling coal-fired power stations, but the picture tells the story for the future.