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Links for 8 July 2014

July 8, 2014 - 07:20 -- Admin

I’m currently taking another break from Twitter, so I thought I’d post some links on here to interesting things I’ve read recently:

  • Jeff Borland’s Labour Market Snapshots are always worth a read. The July edition has a quick look at the rise of earnings inequality in Australia.
  • According to Gallup, Australians feel freer than the citizens of every other country in the world, bar New Zealand.
  • This series of mini-reviews of John Edwards’ new Lowy Institute paper is very interesting. I haven’t read Edwards’ paper itself (actually a short Penguin paperback), but I intend to soon. I found Garnaut’s Dog Days way too pessimistic and disagreed with quite a bit of it; it sounds as if Edwards’ book might be more up my alley.
  • Chris Dillow poses an interesting question: why were working class British people in 1949 seemingly more content with their material lot in life than Britons today? As always with Dillow, he has some good answers to the question.
  • Jason Wilson rails against “wonks,” arguing the “affluent audience” of chart blogs is “resisting the messy return of politics.” He also says that Thomas Piketty, who calls for a progressive global wealth tax among other things, “stops short of explicitly recommending radical solutions.”
  • Alex White uses evidence to support his argument that progressives should abandon evidence-based argument.