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Karen's sword

March 11, 2015 - 08:58 -- Admin

I'm busy writing Karen's orgin story at the moment, or rather her second origin story. Her first is only ever mentioned tangentially on both books and ebooks. Russian child athlete. First specialty gymnastics, later switched to fencing. Parents killed by drunk driver. Became a ward of the state and a special project of the GRU.

Her comic book origin story is the subject of Soul Full of Guns, the ebook which explains what happens to her between the Prologue of RESISTANCE and the last chapter where she and Dave get smashy with it.

As part of my research I had to give her a sword. We see a lot of this sword in ASCENDANCE. It gets stuck into all sorts of 'orrible places.

Anyway. Here 'tis. A 1549 Nagayuki katana.