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Update. Oral history of the Daemon Wars

July 9, 2015 - 16:12 -- Admin

I"m pleased with the response to the call for submissions. There are more than twenty stories sitting in my hopper and I"ll start editing them the week after next. And of course I need to write a few of my own. I have another side project I can"t talk about yet, but I can ask for a little help. Casting your minds back over the three series (Axis of Time, The Disappearance, Dave vs the Monsters) what stories as yet unwritten would you like to read? An obvious pick from AoT would be the Fall of Hawaii and the death of Dan Black. What about the other two series" though. And who else from AoT deserves a little more time in the sun.I"m not looking at ebooks here, but I am looking.