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Protocol ebook

July 16, 2015 - 08:16 -- Admin

Soul Full of Guns, the Karin ebook, was easy to write because it's a straight line through a series of action sequences and old spy movie tropes.

A Protocol for Monsters isn't. It's Emergence, but told from the PoV of the other guys. The Scooby Gang. So the narrative arc is set and familiar before you read it, but what's new is knowing what's happening both offstage and in the minds of Heath, Emmeline and Compton when they meet Dave.


This is from Heath's point of view, in the back of the SUV taking Dave from the hosptial to Area 6, the unnamed 'training base' where they run the super hero tests on him:

Hooper shied away from describing how he"d kill the things, saying he was hungry when Heath pressed the question.

"I"m sorry, but I really have to eat," he whined, a strangely contrary tone coming out of such a large framed, rough-headed man. He looked to Heath like the sort of dumb ass cracker whose life had been on a steep downslope from the day he"d stopped playing high school football. And yet he was qualified engineer, so obviously not stupid. He was only about halfway gone to seed, and he had the sort of looks Heath could imagine might play well with cocktail waitresses of low repute.

Later, when Heath calls Compton and Emmeline on the Longreach to tell them about the ambush and Dave's unusual skill sets, Compton narrates the exchange, which gives us an insight into his relationship with Emmeline, while also filling in a little background on Dave, and Emmeline's first reaction to him:

Both of the scientists could hear the weariness and stress in Heath's voice, even through the encryption algorithms carrying his voice over the secure connection. Compton had taken over an office on the rig. Hooper"s in fact, from the name written on a piece of gaffer tape stuck to the door. If afforded him some privacy, and even some amusement at the disapproving look on Emmeline"s face as she took in the engineer"s unrivalled collection of pornography. Compton could tell part of her unusual mind was attempting to reconcile the fact of the centrefolds with the workplace harassment policies a large corporation was sure to have in place.

“I left a team behind to deal with local law enforcement," Heath explained "and Mister Hooper suggested a workable cover story.”

“So he"s not just pretty face,” Compton said.

“No, he also seems to be something of a pervert and a sexual harasser,” Emmeline said, still fixated on the wall art.


Compton pushed on, hiding a smug little victory smirk at having been able to read Ashbury so well. Once you understood her condition she was like a wind up toy.

The real challenge is humanising Compton, after having monsterised him in the second and third book. We are all the heroes of our own journeys and he's no different.