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Statement on resignation from CPD and alternative

April 24, 2015 - 13:50 -- Admin


Along with a number of others, we resigned last week as Fellows of the Centre for Policy Development.

We resigned because we could not agree with the social and economic policy approach embodied in the Centre’s latest report, with its broader directions or with a number of specific policy proposals contained in the report. We no longer believe that CPD is proposing progressive and innovative policy initiatives.

We still strongly believe that there is a need for the articulation of progressive values and policy frameworks that revalue the public good. Indeed, we argue that such a need is more and more urgent.

Current policy making is shaped largely by limited influences and insider advice that fails to read public opinion or evidence. Business-funded lobbyists and think tanks dominate public debate, crowding out the very limited alternatives to current ‘verities’.

Many public-minded advocates, active in the past, are silenced by the financial constraints of universities, and too many NGOs are now more dependent on government funding. There is much public disquiet about the state of our society and polity. However, few offer carefully devised and well promoted alternative options.

Accordingly, we are working together to create a network to facilitate discussions and policy development around the core value of the public good.

More detail will be available shortly.

In the interim, if you would like to support these efforts, please email


Dr Mark Bahnisch

Eva Cox AO

Professor John Quiggin