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LNP Logic

January 25, 2015 - 15:39 -- Admin

1781c071c6After a week spent railing against Labor for Alan Jones’ allegations about Stage 3 of the Acland Mine (before in tried and true Joh Bjelke style the Premier and his offsider in the Aukbra attempted to silence dissent through defamation acts), the punch drunk Premier of Queensland has now taken to challenging the ALP to prove they have not received donations from bikies, funneled through the CFMEU.

There’s a spectacular hypocrisy in suing someone for making allegations you say are wholly unsubstantiated and then turning around and doing so yourself. On top of the continued threats that promises will not be delivered if electors in particular seats don’t vote for the LNP (something Joh tried on in Mount Isa in 1977, to the horror of the then liberal Liberal Party), the Premier is starting to look like someone who not only doesn’t understand the basics of a liberal democracy but also simple logic.

Then we have the claim that a 99 year lease is not akin to a sale. The LNP likes to make an analogy between a long term commercial lease and a rental house. Leaving aside the fact that, as Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk pointed out in Friday’s People’s Forum, it might be your great granddaughter moving back into the house, house owners get rental income from their properties. The Queensland taxpayer will receive nothing once state assets go.