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Mentor, manager or manipulator?

October 2, 2015 - 23:41 -- Editor

The emergence of the Reclaim movement in early 2015, following the Lindt café siege continues to be of great concern to a loosely aligned group of progressive activists, hacktivists and random entities like Anonykatz.

This story isn’t about that grouping. This is about a shadowy figure that we believe might be one of the men pulling the levers in the background.

A political entrepreneur that is willing to exploit the burgeoning xenophobia of groups like Reclaim Australia and their militant offshoot, the United Patriot’s Front, for his own personal political gain; a man, with the necessary intent, sophistication and psychological skills to keep this assorted bag of egotistical tip-rats in line by manipulating and guiding them towards his own political ends.


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