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Some notes on how ISIS is advancing Open Source Warfare

November 18, 2015 - 04:42 -- Admin

Here's how ISIS is using open source warfare (wikipedia) to become more effective in conducting their global Jihad:

  • ISIS is using open source networks to radically improve the quality and the security of its global insurgency.  Aaron Brantly (at West Point's CTC) says that the ISIS "help desk" is "a fairly large, robust community that is anchored by at least five or six core members who are technical experts with at least collegiate or masters level training in information technology. There are layers of other associates, living all around the world, who allow the service to operate -- and respond to questions -- at any time of the day or night. CTC researchers have spent a year or so monitoring the help desk -- and its senior operatives -- via online forums, social media and other means.
  • ISIS is using the unmonitored person to person communications of the Playstation Network (PSN) to coordinate attacks across the world.  Wrote about something like this over a half a decade ago.  Further >>  Call of Duty and other games are also better training simulators for attacks than the simulators used by Western governments.  
  • Here's an article called "The Coming Urban Terror" I wrote back in 2007 for the City Journal.  Development on this front is moving forward.

John Robb