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God Hates A Coward – George Pell, the Vatican and the Royal Commission

February 6, 2016 - 20:13 -- Editor

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The Catholic Church is an institution steeped in tradition.

It is an institution that has traditionally served a select few old fuddy-duddy men extremely well.

It is an institution that has traditionally served young boys and girls up on a plate for the thousands of paedophiles within it to prey upon rather than pray for.

It is an institution that has traditionally served those paedophiles well. Shielding them from the law, moving them around to avoid detection and persecution, spending vast amounts of money on lawyers and out of court settlements.

It is an institution that has traditionally served itself rather than serve its followers. Its followers would appear to be only a source of spreading the word as well as providing the church funds and children to be preyed upon.

It is an institution that for centuries has been telling its followers to confess their sins while now as the scale of its own sins come to light it refuses to confess a thing without a team of lawyers and a major political inquiry such as the Royal Commission in Australia.

Given these traditions it is an institution served well by someone of the moral stature of Cardinal George Pell.

Let’s not forget what the Catholic Church has as its central beliefs. The tradition of confession and the forgiveness that follows it.

It is a system that at its heart believes that a member of its clergy (or the public for that matter) can spend a lifetime raping young boys and girls and as long they confess on their death-bed it’s all cool with the lord.

These members of the Catholic Clergy who committed these crimes are not one time offenders either. These sick individuals had plenty of time to comprehend the gravity of their abuse, whether it was a quick word from their conscience as they retrieved the tissues for the crying four-year old girl before forcing her to perform fellatio, or perhaps maybe a passing thought as to how truly sick they had become as they removed the nappy from an infant before anally raping him.

But no… No shame, no repenting, no guilt, and certainly no confession. The only confession forthcoming is likely to be on their death-bed as they relay their deeds to another member of the same sick clergy to masturbate over.

It is from this almighty ivory tower that they preach to us about whom we should be allowed to marry.

Chief Coward Pell Image - News Ltd

Chief Coward PellImage – News Ltd

The Royal Commission has been almost like some sort of public exorcism, with deviates being dragged out like demons from all over the country, however there has been one member of the clergy who would rather hide out in the Vatican than face questions over his conduct.

In Australia we have a government critical of one man hiding out in an embassy rather than face court in relation to the alleged rape of a woman, but sympathetic to another man hiding out to avoid scrutiny in relation to the shielding of the rapists of thousands of children.

Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather

In Rome there is a Pope that many are saying is taking the church in a bold new direction and is praised for his open mind on many issues that were previously off-limits.

While Pope Francis may talk about addressing the sins of the past and building bridges it is all hollow words while Cardinal Pell sits in the Vatican thumbing his nose at Australia’s legal system and the tens of thousands affected by the systemic abuse that occurred under his watch.

It is beyond belief why George Pell cannot be extradited to Australia. We have an ambassador in Vatican City and in Rome, surely one of these diplomats isn’t completely politically impotent and if they are what are they doing there?

We have the Australian arm of the Catholic institution funneling millions of dollars each year overseas to the Vatican, which is essentially the head office of a corporation shielding someone from testifying regarding hundreds of the most hideous crimes imaginable. Perhaps this is a gravy train that can be de-railed if Pell refuses to return? The Coalition would do it if the funds were going to someone helping Muslims in Syria, cheered on by Andrew Bolt, Chris Kenny and the usual idiot brigade of their ilk making up Reclaim Australia and the like.

Speaking of that ask yourself this who has caused more deaths and more shattered lives in Australia through suicide and abuse, ISIS, ISIL, EYESORE or whatever they’re called this week, or the Catholic Church? Then ask yourself who the real religious terrorists are.

If George Pell was a Nazi war criminal he would be back over here to face the music whether he has a sniffle and a tickle in his throat or was suffering a coronary.

For those thinking it is unfair to compare this to the Holocaust I’d say you are probably right. The scale of the Catholic abuse is likely far greater in terms of numbers, and I don’t mean to offend Jews or lessen the scale of the Holocaust in the slightest.

The size of this industrial scale child abuse by the Catholic Church, as well as other churches is too immense to contemplate. However it has impacted the lives of millions living today and is an issue that has been going on for decades and continues today as you read this. And while the Holocaust may have seen the genocide of millions I think the death toll through suicide due to clergy abuse is something we have not even begun to grasp as yet.

George Pell would not be bundled in the back of paddy-wagon and sent cattle-class back to Australia in handcuffs as he likely deserves. Instead he will suffer the indignity of a limousine ride to the airport where an Emirates First Class Suite would await his arrival with a nice glass of wine and a fresh cooked meal, then it would be a luxury suite in an Australian hotel room that is likely used by members of the Royal Family when they arrive. Nothing but the best for this protector of paedophiles.

It is my humble view that whilst the Catholic Church continues to harbour someone who is wanted before a Royal Commission regarding the worst crimes imaginable that the Catholic Church should be classed as a terrorist organisation and that anybody putting money in the collection plate should be arrested for funding terrorist organisation.

If fucking an infant is not an act of terror then I don’t know what is, and anyone protecting one of these scum may as well have had Osama Bin Laden in the spare room as far as I’m concerned.

If you are one of the misguided who think I will burn in hell for saying this, I say I’m not worried, maybe I’ll just say three Hail Mary’s in the morning.

Then again maybe not….
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