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True Believers – The Liberal Party & The Sexual Abuse Royal Commission

February 11, 2016 - 08:17 -- Editor

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While Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch tell the world that we need to have a discussion on the threat posed by Islam, here in Australia it is discussion we have been having for a while now.

It is a discussion that was long ago initiated by the usual preachers of hate, Reclaim Australia, shock jocks, and right wing politicians.

However in Australia it is not the Muslims leaving a trail of destroyed lives behind them, it is the Christians. With the Catholic Church leading the way.

Fortunately we have a Royal Commission that will hopefully go a long way to addressing these issues, even though George Pell’s attitude towards it leaves a lot to be desired.

However while the Royal Commission may delve into some of the horrific cases of industrial scale child abuse by those who claim moral superiority over us, it is in fact set up as an Inquiry into the institutional responses to that abuse.

I happen have a personal interest in the abuse of minors by religious organisations, as I went to a religious school for the last few years of my schooling.

For my apparent crimes against humanity as a kid, my parents deemed I needed to be sent to a private religious school. As such I was bundled off to a school in North Parramatta named Redeemer Baptist.

There is plenty to tell about that school and the “Community” that run it, however I will save that perhaps for another piece another day. However although there are stories that I have a tendency to believe, I cannot confirm any sexual abuse occuring at my school, although I know the damage that years of mental abuse have caused to many of the children that attended and how they have carried that burden well into their adult lives.

I know numerous people whose lives were severely damaged by their time at Redeemer Baptist and I consider myself one of the lucky ones to come out unscathed. Well, relatively unscathed…

But enough about me.

It is the response of institutions that has allowed a wave of child abuse that has only grown over the course of decades despite its depravity. It has been the willingness of some to not only look the other way whilst our most vulnerable were used, abused, and tossed aside like trash, but to actually protect those responsible that has allowed crimes of this nature to flourish.

stained glass

Most people look to the religious institutions, the Catholic and Anglican churches as well other associated institutions for somewhere to apply blame, however they are not the only ones responsible and should not be the only ones held to account. There are many other types of institutions who in my view aided and abetted these monsters.

One example would be some parts of our legal system.

A couple of years ago I chatted with a member of the clergy turned whistleblower who had a lot to say on the cover-up of peodophile priests that he personally knew of.

At the time we spoke he was hoping I’d report on some of what he knew, however distance and his ability to only discuss matters face to face made this impossible as I was bogged down in my HSU investigation. I tried to convince him to chat with the ABC as Steve Cannane was doing some excellent work on the subject at the time, unfortunately for reasons unknown he did not trust the ABC. However I am aware he has presented evidence to the Royal Commission and provided them with a statement and evidence before it commenced.

There is however one story he told me that I will relay here. It is the story of a judge that presided over many cases involving peodophiles and child abuse. I was shown photographs of this judge with members of the clergy allegedly taken on holidays.

It is a story relating to allegations of his behaviour, his reputation and the story of his death.

However this story is so sickening and ghastly that I will put it in a sealed section like magazines used to do for graphic content.

The story is via clicking on the below image and I must warn readers that it is very graphic and will likely disturb some readers.

sealed section

After that story I’m sure you’d agree that there are legal institutions that need looking into by the Commission.

However there is one type of institution that appears to have been forgotten and that is the Political Party.

When it comes to political parties the difference between the major parties could not be greater. While the Labor Party called a Royal Commission to look into Institutional responses to sexual abuse, the Liberal Party has sought to protect the Catholic Church in particular from allegations of such abuse.

This has come in many forms. From it’s initial talking down and questioning the Royal Commission, to it’s defence of Cardinal Pell for his selective memory and his seemingly intentional difficulties when it comes to providing evidence or appearing in court. However it has extended even further with the providing of personal references for peodophiles, appearances in support of clergy members charged with multiple counts of sexually interfering with children, publicly condemning victims for coming forward, and even changing legislation to lower victims compensation the church will have to pay for it’s crimes against humanity.

Most will remember that dumped Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott (geez I love saying that) was often referred to as the Mad Monk. Abbott was called this due to his study for the priesthood and it is fair to say that he has had a close association with the Catholic Church ever since.

When the Royal Commission was announced Abbott was Opposition Leader, and while careful not to be against the Commission was quite happy to talk it down and query what it would achieve. He was also keen to point out that it should not focus too heavily on the Catholic Church. This to me would be like having a Royal Commission into hamburgers and not focusing on McDonalds.

Tony Abbott was also notorious for providing a personal reference for alleged peodophile priest John Nestor. Tony Abbott provided this reference not after being asked, but after making contact with Nestor and offering it. Tony Abbott wrote this reference not as a member of the public, but as a Parliamentary Secretary.

Any kiddie-fiddlers needing a reference George?

Any kiddie-fiddlers needing a reference?

Abbott’s “Beacon of humanity” was found guilty and sentenced to jail but had his conviction overturned later by a NSW South Coast Magistrate. Those who read the sealed section may find that rather coincidental.

Former NSW Attorney General Greg Smith, the former CEO of anti-choice lobbyists Right To Life, has also had his part to play in the peodophile protection-racket.

Smith was virtually universally condemned when he came out and publicly attacked the victims of a peodophile priest Finian Egan, who was a mate of Smiths. Smith slammed the victims and claimed they were money-grubbers for seeking compensation for their lives that had been destroyed by his mate Finian’s dick. Finian Egan was found guilty of multiple offences and sentenced to at least four years in prison.

Finian Egan looks for Greg Smith number is his little black book Image - Fairfax

Finian Egan looks for Greg Smith’s number is his little black bookImage – Fairfax

So convinced of the money-grubber title he labelled the childhood victims of his mate, he used his position, with the backing of the Liberal Party to push through his Victims Of Crime legislation that slashed to compensation to the victims and gave multiple offenders and organisations and institutions a virtual free pass.

Smiths shameful legislation slashed compensation to an amount hardly even enough to cover the funeral of one of the many victims who chose suicide over a life of torment. Not only that it changed the amount of time one needs to make a complaint by, thus ruling out the majority of crimes involving childhood victims. It was estimated that this alone would see approximately 80% of claims in NSW against the church be invalid.

These changes were made at around the same time as the Royal Commission was announced and was clearly designed to save the church millions of dollars in compensation payouts and out of court settlements. More money for the church to spend on expansion, lobbying politicians, and moving peodophile a around the country to avoid detection.

It is clear that these two examples of a former Liberal Prime Minister and a former Liberal Attorney General show that the Liberal Party have questions to answer when it comes to institutional responses to child abuse. In my humble view these responses point to corruption, cover-up, and co-operation rather than any kind of condemnation of these heinous crimes.

If the Royal Commission intends to be thorough in its investigations it must look into the Liberal Party’s part in any cover up or assistance given to abusers, whether if be physical help, financial support, or even moral support.

If not, we have a right to ask why.
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