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The American Imperium in Zombie Mode

March 28, 2016 - 04:17 -- Admin

The policy wonks are up in arms over the NYTimes and WaPo interviews with Trump on foreign policy and trade. They simply can't say enough about how uninformed Trump is on this topic.... but there's something wrong with this picture.

The same wonks who claim to "know" everything have gutted the US economy, gotten us into wars we can't win, and plunged entire regions of the world into chaos & terrorism.

Personally, I like that both Sanders and Trump are isolationists.  People profoundly out of step with the demands of an "Imperial Presidency"  In my view, the Imperial Presidency beloved by the policy wonks should have died with the end of the cold war.

Yet it's still here, eating our future, in Zombie mode.

Have fun,

John Robb

PS:  What if, and this is a crazy notion, we simply focused on making the United States a success story, rather than a poorly run Imperium?