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Journal 6.26.2016 Brexit to ISIS

June 29, 2016 - 20:07 -- Admin

Some items to think about:

  • Brexit is a true black swan.  Nobody in the mainstream, including the Leave camp, saw it coming.  Even now, based on the analysis being written, few people understand why it won.  Why did it win?  The cosmopolitan, financialized elites saw their incomes grow with globalization, but the deals they struck to "earn" those gains required throwing the bottom 60-70% of the country under the economic bus.  In fact, nearly all of the fast rise out of poverty seen globally was achieved by economically damaging the working populations of the developed world (particularly in the US and the UK).  That lopsided deal is a bomb of anger that has been growing for years.  A bomb that is now going off in the US and the UK.  Strangely, nobody in the establishment is willing to do what is necessary to defuse this bomb.  This means it will get much worse before it gets better.
  • The response to Brexit will damage nation-state legitimacy.  Efforts to ignore the vote, delay the effects of the vote, and water down the effects of the vote will achieve only one thing:  it will show that the remote technocrats have more legitimacy than the vestiges of democracy that are left. 
  • A doctoral student at the Univ of Cincinnati built an auto-fighter-pilot AI that runs on Raspberry Pi (a $35 computer).  It was so good, it beat retired US Air Force fighter pilot, Lt. Col. Gene Lee, in three engagements.  

    Lee:  "I was surprised at how aware and reactive it was. It seemed to be aware of my intentions and reacting instantly to my changes in flight and my missile deployment. It knew how to defeat the shot I was taking. It moved instantly between defensive and offensive actions as needed." He added that with most AIs, “an experienced pilot can beat up on it (the AI) if you know what you’re doing. Sure, you might have gotten shot down once in a while by an AI program when you, as a pilot, were trying something new, but, until now, an AI opponent simply could not keep up with anything like the real pressure and pace of combat-like scenarios.”