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The brew and the brewer go together

September 16, 2014 - 21:31 -- Admin

built in coffee maker Nespresso is the trustworthy brand name in coffee manufactured by Nestle. Everybody that loves espresso knows its taste depends on the high quality coffee grinds. So to enjoy a cup of your favourite brew, the more freshly ground the coffee, the better the aroma. In order to save time and effort in the process of crushing and filling the appliance, Nespresso capsules are ready made coffee grinds which provide a lip smacking cup of brew.

Keurig an American coffee maker’s most important produce is the K-Cup. Its system is designed to serve a single cup at a time. Inside each K-Cup plastic pod there is a coffee filter. With a combined foil cover, the coffee grinds are filled and sealed air-tight in the K-Cup by Hiline Coffee. On placing the K-Cup on its brewer, the Keurig brewer perforates the base of the K-Cup and the foil top cover. In the process, warm water is forced under pressure all through the K-Cup and the brew is poured out into a beaker.

Nespresso produces 21 select blends of coffee, each one with its distinct fragrant flavour. Each pod or capsules hold just the right measure of the ideally packed quantity of the coffee grinds. So, there is no expertise or presumptions required while utilizing the appliance. The capsules or pods containing the coffee grounds are made from aluminium, in the shape of a tulip and are sealed tight. It thus prevents the coffee from the heat, sunlight, air and moisture. This even preserves the freshness of the coffee and provides a guaranteed satisfaction to the discerning taste buds.

However, Nespresso capsules are designed only to be used with a Nespresso coffee machine. They are generally accompanied with a complimentary pack but for buying some more, it can be bought online. Normally it’s delivered in two days and can even schedule a door step delivery, hassle free.
Coffee making has undergone a vast change from its earlier days. With the latest technological advancement, coffee manufacturers provide features that are beautiful and convenient. All brewing needs are met with a variety of colours and styles that match well with any kitchen function and decoration.
Moreover, there are sixteen Nespresso capsules varieties known as the Grands Crus. This indicates the strength of the aroma rather than the quantity of caffeine the coffee contains. They are put into four categories viz:- Decaffeinatos, Espressos, Origine, Lungos and Pure. A brief description of Decaffeinatos and Espressos is as below:-

Decaffeinato – A fruit-like taste and lightly flavoured, this is the ultimate choice for a decaffeinated brew. Lowest intensity of 2 rating
Decaffeinato Lungo – Coffee beans are roasted at high temperature, strongly flavoured and rated 7 in intensity
Ristretto – Made from African and South American coffee beans, ideal for cappuccino and espresso as well. High rating of 10 in intensity
Roma – It has a wood-like and roasted aromatic taste. The highest selling crus along with Arpeggio. Is rated 8 in intensity
Cosi – Has a lemon tinge and lightest espresso with an intensity rating of 3. Ideal choice for iced coffee during summer.
Many coffee blends provide a good latte or cappuccino, since espresso is brew in its original form.