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“The Urgency of Now”

November 9, 2016 - 23:47 -- Admin

The election of Donald Trump to become in due course the American President is an extraordinary development. Given the campaign, he made a gracious acceptance of Hillary Ciinton’s phone call acknowledging defeat.As far as I know she has not made a public announcement.

One question is how could the Democrats lose given the superiority of their ground campaign that got numbers of people to the polls?  The opinion polling seems to have been a spectacular failure, which doubtless has implications for market research and public relations (propaganda). I like to think that computer technology has is a historically significant reframing agency, somewhat analogous to the introduction of printing. Similarly as a historical change agent in Western Europe it was simultaneous with the influx of gold bullion from the New World. If true this will presage fundamental cultural and institutional change, often obscured by such epiphenomena as personality.

The commentary that I have seen and heard on the success of Donald Trump  has been frustrating. It does not surprise me that the wise missed what occurred, and they are responding with incomprehension.

Paul Jay, at the Real News Network, is an exception. He hits on the key issues:

Climate change and neoliberalism are global issues. I knew that Governor Pence is likely to play a crucial role in the Trump presidency, but I did not know he was so antagonistic to Russia. What kind of imperial policy will be followed is the unknown. One interpretation of the Trump rhetoric is that it is an return to Isolationism.