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Final edits received for A Girl in Time

November 28, 2016 - 19:18 -- Admin

I received the edited proof copy of A Girl in Time this arvo. I'll do the final check tomorrow and then send it to bonnie Scotland-I think-for typesetting. (My empire is so vast I cannot keep track of every little outpost).Not sure how long it'll take to get page proofs back, but there's nothing stopping me from getting e-book samples for my alpha beta crew together and sending them out as soon as possible.I want to try out a software package called Vellum; a very expensive, very sophisticated program for beautifully formatting e-books. I'm not sure yet that I'll use it for the published copies. We'll see what sort of a job it does on the samples first.I spent five hours today working on my marketing plan, which feels a little like mainlining raw opium at this point. There's always real anxiety before a book launch, but it's much greater when you're the guy in the rumble seat. I can point to some serious flaws in the release of the Dave Hooper novels -C'mon. Seriously? Christmas Eve?- but any mistakes with Girl will all be down to me. There's no one else to blame.This sort of thing keeps me awake at night. You wouldn't think that it would, not after having published so many books that I've pretty much lost count of them. But it does. Having a plan and methodically grinding my way through it is the best way of blocking out that ghostly little voice whispering of my doom in the early ours of the morning.Everybody who has signed up for the book club will be getting emails soon, with nice long samples to enjoy. Haven't decided yet how many chapters I'm going to give away as a teaser, but it could end up being a significant e-book all in its own right.

Some cover samples from the tear sheet. The final art will look very different. These were just a couple of concepts we tried out.