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Launch Week

December 12, 2016 - 14:11 -- Admin

I just moved up the pre-order date at iBooks, and checked the early bird discount at Amazon and with that, A Girl in Time is good to go.

Over the next 24 hours she'll roll out across the other online stores - and the pre-orders from iBooks probably won't drop until midnight in Cupertino, which is somewhere around close of business here later today - but I think I'm calling it launched.

Many thanks to everyone who dropped an early review. They help enormously.

The launch price, which I won't be talking about anywhere but here and the bookclub, is US $2.99.

It'll probably double at full retail.

Print is coming but I doubt it'll drop before Xmas. I also tried to get into Googleplay, so that Bill Ferguson wouldn't mock me, but el Goog told me to get fucked. So I guess I wont have the pleasure of watching them arbitrarily drop the price to free without asking.

Anyway, it's out on Amazon, Kobo and very soon on iBooks. (Ignore the Smashwords and INktera links)

You can get it via this universal link.

Will, my cover artist, tweaked the design on last time. I love it. As always, reviews greatly appreciated.