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Why Clinton Lost: An exercise in victimology

December 18, 2016 - 00:11 -- Admin

For those of you not watching the aftermath of the election carefully (or you live outside of the US), here's a list of "popular" reasons for why Clinton unexpectedly lost the election to Trump according to the establishment. 

Notice how all of them blame the "other"   This is the language of betrayal. The type of language that feeds civil war.

Reason #1: The media built up Trump. They gave him billions of $ in free coverage.

Reason #2: The media didn't do its job. It didn't hold Trump accountable for his lies and fabrications.

Reason #3: Fake (right wing) news on social media influenced low information voters (anyone who votes Republican).

Reason #4: The FBI sabotaged Clinton with the Comey letter (particularly its timing).

Reason #5: A deeply racist, sexist (worse: misogynist), and homophobic country influenced by Trump "dog whistles" voted for him.  

Reason #6: The Alt Right (the online face of NeoNazis, the KKK, etc.) is large, growing (fast), and influential enough to swing the election.

Reason #7: The Russians hacked the election (via Wikileaks and fake news).

Reason #8: Jill Stein and the people who voted for her.  Gary Johnson and the people who voted for him.  

Reason #9: Hillary didn't lose. She won (the popular vote) by a landslide, but our system is rigged by an antiquated electoral system.

Reason #10: Betrayal. The youth vote didn't show up. The black vote didn't show up.  White women (53%) and Hispanics (29%) didn't vote the way they were supposed to.

Reason #11: Republican voter suppression in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin (via @davewiner )

Reason #12:  The voting process in MI, WI, and PA was hacked (Jill Stein et. al.).

Reason #13: The country was not ready for a woman president.

Reason #14: Polsters and big data geeks working for the media misled voters by claiming Trump couldn't win.  As a result, enthusiasm waned and voters didn't show up.

Not a reason:  A poorly run campaign that made poor decisions based on faulty data driven analysis (a result which largely discredits the new book by Michael Lewis).