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Rogue One

December 20, 2016 - 17:38 -- Admin

Took the fam to see this last night. Can't recall when I've enjoyed a Star Wars film as much. This being the end of civilzation, there has of course been a manbaby backlash to the penis shortage in the ensemble cast. It's only like 95% male, which is very misandrist.

But being an utter cuck, I fucking loved it.

I thought it meshed with the overall narrative much more smoothly than any of the rebooted and mostly reviled 'prequels' and it gives me real hope for where Disney might go with the franchise over the next decade or so. There's a lot of narrative infilling they could do.

I wont get into spoilers here, but anyone who hasn't seen the film should avoid the comment thread below.

Non spoilery reflections. The storyline was a deft melding of revenge motifs, a coming-of-age tale and a star spanning caper flick. The violence was much more instense than the original series, but not as bloody as last year's Force Awakens. It was still pretty intense though.

The cast was well balanced and the performances mostly great.

I thought the exploration of the 'dark side' of the rebellion was fittingly modern. It recalled the insurgency series of Galactica.

Effects? Top shelf, although I had a few uncanny valley moments with Moff Tarkin.

Script. B+

Rewatch value. Very high.