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Christmas Day 2016

December 27, 2016 - 00:09 -- Admin

As we are reminded every year the celebration of Christmas has pagan associations. It suggests to me that much of the population of Western Europe were nominally Christian and that folk traditions were remembered and continued, especially at the periphery. Arguably,in that sense, not much has changed

Nonetheless, Christmas was a long and full day. This included going out with Dexter and Hannah. Towards the end of November, the cyst that had developed in Dexter’s eye was noticed. I was looking at the symptoms and not relating one with the other. So Dex was taken to the vet hospital and the procedure was performed to remove it. We did not get a biopsy to determine whether it was cancer. When he came home the same day he was wearing a plastic helmet. The next day this was removed. I was concerned he might have hurt his eye, but that did not happen. After two weeks the stitches were removed, and since then he seems to have fully recovered.

Meanwhile Hannah continues to be her ebullient self. The fact this attitude is not always reflected in her photos is of interest.

On a broader philosophical plane, the egotism of human beings, myself included, never ceases to amaze. Here we are on this planet, this solar system and this galaxy, which is but one among hundreds of millions, some of which are orders of magnitude larger, but we think and act as we are the centre of it all.

So I limited the photos to Christmas Day, and added some as a record of Dexter’s malady. Sleepy Jake by Silent Partner sums up what happened today, although Dexter and Hannah were doubtless ready to revisit the trail of scents and other interesting experiences:

For the last few days, to the doubtless consternation of those around me and across the fence, I have been humming “The Sound of Silence”. Obviously, I should not be making a noise with silence. Disturbed’s version enabled me to hear the lyrics: