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And so you sleep, quiet, unaware

December 30, 2016 - 15:58 -- Admin

And so you sleep, quiet, unaware

And so you sleep, quiet, unaware
The gentle rhythm, the flowing care
That takes your hand and pleasures there
The sweet unknown of yesteryear

You waken as in sleep, again
The slow timing of sweet pretend
That takes the journey to an end
Repeating life to beginning, then

Where sleep surrounds the very day
That takes the night, and time, away
And becomes itself of the way
To burden bed and so to stay

The blanket gathers warmth and still
No movement takes the stage, or will,
We are aware, our dreams to fill
The space behind the growing, till

We rise again for tomorrow’s sleep
Not narrowed but flowing deep
We take the past on their keep
And see our history as we weep

So rise, rise from our numbness
Count not the picture but the slumbers
And take the bed for our only oneness
The ending of the long caress

And so you sleep, quiet, unaware

John Passant 7 August 2013