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The left attacking pensioners

January 6, 2017 - 20:55 -- Admin

Got to love how some on the left are lining up with all those right wingers attacking ‘rich’ pensioners. Of course the government won’t stop here.
We are witnessing the dismantling over time of the social welfare system and some on the left are complicit in it in the mistaken belief it is about attacking the rich. Centrelink anyone?

It is no accident those criticising my comments that the Greens voted for this attack on pensioners (now and more of them into the future unless the backlash stops the Government, much as it stopped the worst parts of the 2014 Budget) have been silent about the Centrelink attacks on the unemployed etc.

If you cannot see a link between attacking pensions and attacking Centrelink recipients then I weep for the left.

Thirty years ago the left (not the ALP parading as the left) would have supported a universal and living wage pension for all people over 65 (including millionaires.)
We could fund that by taxing the rich more during their working lives, abolishing tax concessions for superannuation etc and imposing estate and gift duties on the estates of the rich.

Asset and income tests are ways to cut back on the pension not for rich people – they have their money in super and get tax free payments of $500,000 a year – but less well off people. And next year or the year after the government will try to turn the screws a little more, if we let them get away with it now.