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Where should Smith and Cady go next?

January 17, 2017 - 18:28 -- Admin

It occurs to me I haven't run a proper spoiler thread to discuss A Girl Time, so I might cheat and have this entry do double duty.

Having figured out the basic mechanisms of The Watch by the end of GIRL, they're now set up to adventure through the 29 alternate realties Titanic Smith created every time he jumped.

We know from the text that some are in the future, some in the wilderness and a surprising number are located in narratively convenient European settings.

He's been to London a couple of times. And Rome obviously. I can't help feeling they'll end up in ancient Greece and Nazi Germany.

But where else would a couple of good looking time travellers be likely to find themsevles in a long running franchise?

Assume it's a spoilerific free fire zone in the comments.