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The Open Source Protest To Oust Trump

January 22, 2017 - 07:56 -- Admin

Trump's open source insurgency put him in the White House, will another open source insurgency remove him from it before the next election?

Potentially.  Let's dive into this. Last fall I wrote about the potential for an anti-Trump insurgency in the US that looked very similar to the protest that kicked Mubarak out of office in Egypt. 

Social media amplifies every incident, spreading the anger it evokes like contagion across the country.  Just watch.  This suggests that the next open source protest we are likely to see will form to force Donald Trump from the Presidency before the next election -- a Tahrir square moment in cities all across the US.  A massive and diverse open source protest that has one simple goal: the immediate removal of Donald Trump from office.  

Could this happen?  

Yes.  The massive, anti-Trump women's march swept every major US city makes it possible.  


Of course, the people who went to this march don't agree on all of the issues.  In fact, I'm not sure they agreed on most issues.  They did, however, all agree on one simple thing:  Trump shouldn't be President.  

This agreement and huge size of the protest is what I call the plausible promise of an open source protest.  It demonstrates, to many of the people attending the protest and many on the sidelines, that removing Trump from office through protest may actually be possible.    

This is a big deal, a plausible promise makes the likelihood of an effort forming to remove Trump from office through aggressive protest, much more likely.

It's also a big deal because open source protests are nearly unstoppable.  Once a protest like this gets going here, it won't stop until it drives Trump out of office, just like it ousted the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Libya.  


John Robb

PS:  I wrote about some of these dynamics in my book: Brave New War.