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Stalin's Hammer Complete. Audio and eBook

January 25, 2017 - 11:01 -- Admin

The audiobook of the Stalin's Hammer sequence is out! As a big consumer of audiobooks this makes me very happy, and not just for the royalties coming my way. I had a quick listen to the sample, and it seems pretty fucking schmick.

I've also released the complete series in one volume which I've made free for a couple of days so anyone who bought the individual titles can grab a copy without feeling they've been double-charged.

The ebook is everywhere.

The audiobook is exclusive to Audible.

I've also just pulled the lever for a print on demand copy, so that should be available in a couple of weeks. A Girl in Time has done better than I expected in print, especially given the price, so that's an experiment that seems to be working.

If you're not an Audible customer, you can sneakily get the book for free by trying the service via this link.

I'm mostly working on AlienSideBoob and The Cruel Stars at the moment, but a good result for the Stalin's Hammer collection will set up WW 3.1 nicley.

And you know what garauntees a good result?


You know what you must do.