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Invasion Day 2017

January 31, 2017 - 00:09 -- Admin

The days race along. Last week it was so-called Australia Day on 26 January. New Year was but a few weeks previously. Still the dogs go out most days.

The thing about Invasion Day, as it is constituted, is that it gives rise to reflection. How could people be so dismissively dispossessed and subject to mass murder? There is a pathology at work apparently without a name. It has it precedents in the similar cruelty meted out to other indigenous peoples, and I would suggest the dispossession of the commons.

Here are a few photos along the way that Dexter and Hannah seem not to mind transversing, nor stopping intermittently to investigate perhaps others who may have passed on the way. The background music (from a limited selection) is “Sicilian Breezes” by Tophor Mohr and Alex Shena:

In passing it may be noted that President Trump as promised is following through on his intention to build a wall to block the invasion from Mexico. This wall would be much longer if the borders before 1848 were in effect. Now Woody Guthie had a machine he claimed killed fascists. The plane crash at Los Gatos was on 28 January 1948. The song, Deportees is a memory all of us can share: