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Burger Lite

January 31, 2017 - 23:22 -- Admin

Been a while since we've done one of these check-ins. I've been following Murph's swimming routine, and Jennicki's general awesomeness over on the Book of Face, and every now and then I run into a lean and hungry looking MonsterYuppy on the streets of New Farm. So some of you are fighting the good fight.

Myself, I'm about four kgs overweight and looking to cut that down this year. I had a very heavy publishing schedule last year, getting the ebook business up and running, which meant that I didn't get myself up and running, or lifting weights or doing much of anything that I should have been.

The saving grace? I wasn't drinking last year either, and now that I'm back on the booze, I'm keeping it moderate. I did wonder if that'd be impossible but it turns out that not drinking for a year teaches you how to keep a rein on your thirst.

I've also been grading for my brown belt which has recently meant a lot of ground work and hours and hours of throws. I wish I could wear a fitness tracker onto the mat, but that's verboten so I just have to guestimate the calorie burn. Heaps seems about right. We hit it so hard last Saturday that I couldn't really sleep that night. My body was shaking and aching too much. I felt every one of my 103 years.

Good times.

Now the kids are back at school I'll revert to my usual routine of going to the gym at lunchtime 2-3 days a week in addition to the jujitsu training. Hopefully, with some chicken salads that'll get me back to my fighting weight by winter.

And you?