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February 12, 2017 - 23:57 -- Admin

At some point at the road of an individual’s life unfurls, there is the realization that the planning horizon has closed in. That may be a very selfish moment, or the culmination of long term selfishness. Other people may inherit a world that will sustain their lives and fulfil their humanity, but that beggars belief and probability given dominant political and economic agendas.

Anyway, Dexter and Hannah give no indication that they are concerned about mortality seeing their sole role as being fully in the present. Dogs seem to take death in their measure. Dexter and Hannah are happy to get out. Even so, it has been very hot recently, and one of the advantages of the photos is that I have occasion to observe their reactions. I am now carrying water with me in a shopping bag. Some people put out water for native animals. While there has not been a continuous flow of water at the crossing there is still water in the creek.

So we took some photos and put them in video form. The music is “Gymnopedia N0 3″ by Wahneta Meixsell. I called the clip, “Not Yet at an End”:

The song that I had in mind was “End of the Line” by the Travelling Whilbury’s:

Today, and I do not know much about funerals, I will be going to Ernie’s ceremony. He passed away last Tuesday. He was within weeks of his hundredth birthday.