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Solving Tony Abbott"s boredom and income problem: He coulda been a publisher

February 27, 2017 - 12:47 -- Admin

The Owl drew attention recently to Tony Abbott's little problem of learning to live within the limits of a humble backbencher's income as an explanation of his apparent gunning for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Now, following Tony's recent critical outburst, others are suggesting that simple boredom of not having enough to do is the root cause of his hostility. Both of which reasons turned the Owl's mind to what might have been if his friend Christoper Pearson had died sooner. Tony Abbott could now have been happily at work publishing that notable publication The Adelaide Review.The possibility of a publisher Abbott is outlined in a decision by the Honourable Justice Gray of the South Australian Supreme Court delivered in June 2014. Christoper Pearson in a typewritten and formally executed will dated 1 May 1996 made a specific disposition of his shares in The Adelaide Review Pty Ltd and his units in The Adelaide Review Unit Trust to his friend, Anthony John Abbott The residue of the estate was to be divided in equal parts between the deceased’s mother and Philip Geoffrey Jones, the person named as the sole executor and trustee. If either of those persons predecease the deceased, the will said, their share was to pass to the survivor. If both predeceased the deceased, the residue was to pass to Mr Abbott.Before Pearson died he disposed of his shares in The Adelaide Review and units in The Adelaide Review Unit Trust, with the result that the bequest to Anthony John Abbott in the 1996 will "was adeemed."In an informal document 13 May 2008 Mr Pearson changed the beneficiaries of his estate - estimated at the time to be $300,00 - but there was no mention of Anthony John Abbott and he was not a party to the proceedings before Mr Justice Gray as to which will should be followed.