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Ten Years of Blunt Instrument

March 7, 2017 - 12:08 -- Admin

I dont want to alarm anybody, but it's been a decade since I published the first entry at BT.

Link's here.

I seem to recall thinking I'd probably last a year or so there.

Of course, I've been doing this blog a lot longer in one form or another. It's been hard to find the time to update recently because of the publishing schedule I've set myself for this year. Five books, all long form. Two trade published and three indie.

The two long form releases (GIRL and STALIN"S HAMMER) have gone very well. They've totally proved the model. So now I have to ramp up to full production.

I've thought about putting the Burger to sleep for six months, like I did when drafting Weapons of Choice (or maybe it was Designated Targets). I seem to recall it helped, both with the book writing and with my enthusiasm for blogging when I got back to it.

Still pondering that though. I have reasons for not putting it on hiatus.

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts.