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My strength weakens me

March 8, 2017 - 12:01 -- Admin

My strength weakens me


Caught in the cusp of life

My strength weakens me

Not only ageing

But diappearing

It is not my time

And will not be


What was strong is weak

What was weak is weaker

I am the wikileaks of life

A leaker,

Of insights unseen

Of analysis has-been

To most


I have seen the ghost,

The old mole, in books

Casting furtive looks my way

Dig dear friend

The surface portends a finish

Or perhaps an end

To grubbing and much else


There is no self

Only me

There is no freedom

Only free, the labour

That sets itself

Resolute, against all


There is no strength,alone,

Only hope, forlorn

There is our strength

To be born anew

To renew

In my lifetime?


John Passant 8 March 2017