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Well hello, 5 am...

March 9, 2017 - 23:00 -- Admin

I'm afflicted with IBS and my guts are bloated with stolen wind. I saw in 5 am before sleep came. As luck would have it I was reading a book that detailed Hitler's health and found myself sharing and living his trait of bloating and IBS---for him exacerbated by a blend of drugs and witchery injected into his nasty weird body.It continued on post-waking with sleep busted at five hours with discomfort preventing a return to zzzz.It won't be long until an implant comes available to turn pain level from horror to merely hmmm; becoming just a background note with you living life instead of swollen in hurt.I wish the super nerds at Calico would get the fuck onto that. I'm sure they are. If they need a script to juice the idea along for realsies they know how to find me.(Small driverless car turns up in drive and digitally summons Mikey forth).