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March 10, 2017 - 15:05 -- Admin

Some thoughts about the president's Twitter addiction. From

According to Russian folklore you do not question a dancing bear. You marvel that the bear can dance at all. Likewise, perhaps it"s time for the world to stop marvelling at the tweets of a massive unsheathed zoo penis, and marvel at the fact that we live in a world were a glistening zoo penis of unusual size and fragile psychology is even allowed to tweet in the first place. Because it seems to me, three months into Donald Trump"s unpresidented reign of error, that the big mistake wasn"t a minority of the American people electing him. The big mistake was not hiding his fucking phone as soon as they did so.

This week the pantsless bear really worked the pole in the strip club of our modern polity by busting out a couple of early morning grievance tweets about former President Obama wiretapping his phones. (And about Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving Celebrity Apprentice because “the time for trivial fights is over.”)