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An ode to things that I drop

March 11, 2017 - 11:48 -- Admin

Well, it's not really an ode but more of a list. Because of my PTSD and my meds I have jittery hands whose fingers have a poor grip. Which means unless I am concentrating I may drop what I am holding.Things I have dropped include: pens, keys, thumb drives, cutlery, glass mugs, my phone, phone cables, computer cables and, most of all, bottle lids. The latter is light and with jittery hands they are hard to get back onto the bottle and then thread them down correctly. That's when the lid is at most risk of being dropped, or even springing into the air, to careen across the floor then shoot under the fridge. There's a herd of them under there now, likely led by the lid of a ginger ale bottle.I can't get those back without getting into the floor with a long probing device to flick them out. So I just go to the recycling, find a lid from a discard, wash it and have another go. Sometimes those attempts fail as well and it's back to the recyc for another lid and another attempt.That's life with a psychological injury; you can't trust your hands with small things.