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Meet the Defiant

March 15, 2017 - 11:59 -- Admin

I think I'm going to like this ship:

Like all the interstellar-capable warships of the Royal Armadalen Navy, the Defiant was bigger on the inside than out. Not impossibly so. Its relative internal volume was only three times greater than the external dimensions of the stealth frigate, and a third of that was given over to the hyperspace buffer between the outer hull, a thick protective shell of exotic dark matter, and the discrete pocket universe of the vessel proper; the crew quarters and amenities, the engineering, command and combat decks, and stowage.

Hardy had served on HMAS Daring, an older ship of the same class, during the Javan War, and she was quietly pleased to see the improvements made since then. She had a cabin to herself for starters, an unheard of luxury during the war, even on the navy"s capital ships, the dreadnoughts and titan cruisers that sortied from Armadale System and fought their way into the heart of the Javan Empire.