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Chicken business

March 18, 2017 - 16:16 -- Admin

Chicken noiseThe chickens are noisy cluckers. I was trying to watch TV on a laptop whilst riding and their cluckery impeded comprehension. I yelled "SHUT UP, CHICKENS!"To my surprise, they did. Perhaps it's because of my Pringles?Pringle money stormI got a stack of Pringles and flicked them one by one from the stack like a money storm from movies and or music videos featuring musical rhyming and ostentatious display of sudden wealth.The chickens reacted with delight, dashing into to pick the middle of a Pringle to shatter it, take the biggest chunk, then fuck off from the big chicken so they actually get to eat it.Big chicken and Don Music run the yardThe big chicken and the scruff, AKA Don Music, rule the roost together. The big chicken chases off the browns, as does scruff, and then they peck at the Pringle shards in the dust as the browns watch on. I feel sorry for the browns. Mind you it is pretty funny to see the above peck, grab and dash that at least gets them something. Big chicken and Don Music are also literally on top of the pecking order—they roost on the roof of the hutch instead of inside with the browns. I wonder if that's a dominance move? Probably.Ancient stone unearthedBecause the chicks dig shallow holes—they like to then sit inside the depressio—they've unearthed old concrete steps from a yard path of twenty years past as well as the round entry point to I the sewer. The most beloved of all cats, O—, is buried in their pen, so I am awaiting the inevitable unearthing of a cat skeleton. Knowing big chicken she'll wear its skull like a hat.