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Rain, Rain and More Rain

March 19, 2017 - 00:10 -- Admin

Let’s talk about the weather. There have been just three days so far this month without rain.And if this pattern continues, as expected, a record will be broken.

The question arises as to the relationship, if any, to overall global climate change. So what has caused the rain:

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Gabrielle Woodhouse said the extreme weather was the result of a lingering coastal trough combining with a strong cold front that crossed southern parts of NSW late afternoon.

“We had some fairly strong onshore [wind] flows and a high level of moisture, so that meant we had some rather heavy showers with some thunderstorms,” she said.

Earlier forecasts had predicted storms, but didn’t suggest the intense nature of the rainfall. The bureau wasn’t caught off-guard, she said, adding a severe thunderstorm warning was issued.

“In this kind of situation, we know that there is a lot of moisture throughout the atmosphere and that all we need is a really strong trigger to trigger those thunderstorms,” she said.

While the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is a clue, it is not clear to me how atmospheric pressure systems are related to climate.

Regardless, Dexter and Hannah were able to get out. For the past two days this was not true. If you get wet that would too bad I suppose. It is great weather for leeches. I tend to worry about thunderstorms, and have been in the past foolish enough to get caught in them. I am pleased to see that others have noted that the plasma inside lightning is great

Nonetheless, the fact that it proved only to be rain is not a reason not to take the opportunity to whinge. In these cases some upbeat music is required.  Silent Partner performs “Secrets, Secrets”:

And there is a necessary concern, especially coming down the embankment, with the wet ground, I might be “Slip, Sliding Away” by Paul Simon: