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Continuing Rain

March 26, 2017 - 01:05 -- Admin

The rain keeps falling. As they say it is weather for ducks,and because the creek was flooding we took a walk up to the dam.We had a storm on Wednesday, but with luck and the information that is now readily to hand, we  got home before  it occurred.

“Global Warming, will  Increase Rainfall”  was the heading for John Abraham’s article in The Guardian. He reminded me, at least:

“One weather phenomenon that directly affects humans is the pattern, amount, and intensity of rainfall and the availability of water. Water is essential wherever humans live, for agriculture, drinking, industry, etc. Too little water and drought increases risk of wild fires and can debilitate societies. Too much water and flooding can occur, washing away infrastructure and lives.

It’s a well-known scientific principle that warmer air holds more water vapor. In fact, the amount of moisture that can be held in air grows very rapidly as temperatures increase. So, it’s expected that in general, air will get moister as the Earth warms – provided there is a moisture source. This may cause more intense rainfalls and snow events, which lead to increased risk of flooding.”

We have less to complain about when the flooding in California, and more particularly in Peru is considered. Both of these conditions may reflect the onset of the El Nino weather conditions.The Bureau of Meteorology suggests:

“El Niño is often, but not always, associated with below average winter–spring rainfall over eastern Australia and warmer than average winter–spring maximum temperatures over the southern half of Australia.”

I will be watching the radar map to see what is going on day to day. One other report I was completely unaware of is the UV reading. On cloudy days I then to expect the UV to be low, which is not always the case.

On the days Dexter and Hannah went out, as usual too many photos were taken. The music by Kevin McLeod is called, “Meditation Impromptu 01”. A major reason for selecting it is that is the same duration as the video of photos:

Waylon Jennings does pretty well with Ned Kelly, a video in which the photos add to the story: