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The wars that truly defined Australia

April 25, 2017 - 07:01 -- Admin

This is from the Sovereign Union Facebook page


Over 500 nations of peoples were slaughtered or displaced using savage weaponry, poisons, germ warfare and filthy trickery, in the bloodbaths that continued for over 150 years by the greedy invading savages.

The frontier wars were carried out in such inhuman ways they were incomprehensible to the sophisticated people who had lived with, belonged to and nurtured the lands for eternity.

Early European settlers wrote that everywhere they traveled the landscapes looked like they had been meticulously managed botanical gardens, which indeed they had.

These days most of the continent is so ravaged by the guileless savages that it leaves these sacred lands contaminated with unfathomable annihilation and toxins and is creating irreversible pollution that effects the entire planet.


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