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The falling leaf – a poem

May 1, 2017 - 21:37 -- Admin

The falling leaf

It is May Day
There are no workers
Marching past
An old man sits next to me
My old man
Waiting, at last
To be free

This is your freedom, Dad
It lives here now
This is your freedom, Dad
It lives in you now
It is you
You know how

Let us walk quietly
And look for things lost
Today and yesterday
That is my choice
It is yours too
At least for the moment

And the sleeping
That has you
Catches me too
Afternoons snore
Beyond your shores
Onto my island

My rich land
Of no money
But love
That falling leaf
From your tree
That is you
That is me

Let the goodbye wait
For another year
Let the wakings arrive
For both of us
In this we meet
Our humanity

Where mine is yours
Mine is what you gave me
And all I can do,
Is hand you your past
For tomorrow
And each day after

Then we joke
Your laughter is mine
I don’t understand
But I do,
This journey is me
This journey is you

A work in progress John Passant 1 May 2017