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... you really have to wonder at the mentality that would desecrate a helpless puma

May 10, 2017 - 12:51 -- Admin

With thanks to The Simpsons.In the great shed clan up of '17 the skeleton hand back scratcher was presumed tossed so I relocated the better of the two inside BS's for sweaty, hairy back shed-based action.It's glorious, with five finger tines that are sharp enough to give a decent scratch but not enough to hurt yourself if you go nuts. Well, was glorious and is no longer five-gingered; the middle one has been snapped off. It wasn't me and I don't know how or why it could have happened. I'll have whittle back the stump because it's raggedy with a point and it will hurt to deploy. My poor helpless island-themed desecrated now four-fingered back scratcher. Here's hoping I can re-shape you back to 80 per cent use.(hashtag)whatthefuckhappenedtomybackscratcher?!