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"Man is dead, and we have killed him, you and I!"

June 3, 2017 - 01:11 -- Admin

In Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, Nietzsche's proclaimed "God is dead, and we have killed him, you and FW82I!"  

Even back in the late 1800's, Nietzsche had the genius to see that science was in the process of killing God and with it Christian morality.  

What was the result?   Deep psychological trauma and a vacuum of meaning.  That vacuum was filled by tribal nihilism (fascism) and economic utopianism (communism). Movements that almost turned the 20th Century into our last as a species.

Unfortunately, it appears that western society is in the process of killing something of equal import in this century.  Something that has been a foundational building block of the psychology of our species for millions of years.  Something that IS causing a vacuum of meaning and deep psychological trauma.

We are killing masculinity.  Maleness in all its forms has been deprecated as an outdated bit of software.  Something to be rewritten for the modern world.  

However, it's not something that is easily rewritten.  It's part of us, both individually and as a group, at a deep structural level.  A foundational building block that has proved advantageous to our survival over millions of years of human social evolution.  

It's in the kernel of our social being.  This makes trying to rewrite it on the fly akin to rewriting the software on a modern jet aircraft travelling at mach 3.  It's not only impossibly difficult, it's existentially dangerous for everyone onboard (all of us).

Regardless, we're rewriting it and we can already see its ill effects.   We can see it in the deep psychological distress it is causing in men and women.  We can see a vacuum of meaning forming all around us.  A void that new social movements are starting to fill from the online tribal nihilism that propelled Trump into the oval office to identity utopians who are being manufactured by the millions in US Universities.  

As it stands right now, we're likely screwed.  If the last Century is any guide, it's going to require oceans of blood to resolve this loss...

John Robb

June 2017