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The Common Driver of Public Violence

June 6, 2017 - 06:47 -- Admin

Mass killings in London, Portland, and Orlando over the last seven days (occurring at an increasing rate).   We have categories for each type of attack:

  • London:  Homegrown Jihadi terrorist attack.
  • Portland:  Hate crime murders.
  • Orlando:  Lethal postal rage in the workplace.

If we examine each category by itself, it's hard to determine any underlying factors common to the attack of that type.  Jihadi terrorism has lots of contributing factors. 

However, if we pop up a level and look at all of the attacks together a pattern emerges. 

All of them are a product of failed men.  Men who have failed in the world.  Men tied up with crime, drugs, low paying jobs, unemployment, failed marriages, etc.  

Men who do not have the psychological strength to bounce back from adversity.  Men who are in deep psychological pain.

These failed men are:

  • Searching for redemption (a chance to become a holy warrior and become a man).
  • Trying to boost their status by attacking people they view as inferior.
  • Raging at God and the world by killing people the people they know (wife, kids, employers).  

This psychological distress is real and it's getting worse (add to this the 50,000 people killing themselves every year through overdoses).  

What's causing so much fail in the west?  The death of positive masculinity and everything attached to it.