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The Goddess is Glowing?

June 8, 2017 - 21:31 -- Admin

I will just repeat this for the record. What do you think?

Brian Friesen, via Facebook:

“ISIS attacks Iraq. ISIS attacks Afghanistan. ISIS attacks Yemen. ISIS attacks Syria. ISIS attacks Turkey. ISIS attacks Belgium. ISIS attacks France. ISIS supposedly attacks Britain at a time when a Progressive Labour leader is about to be elected. ISIS attacks Philippines as the President of the Philippines criticizes the US, and begins a closer relationship with Russia and China. And now ISIS attacks Iran, just as the Israeli and US governments are whining for war with Iran.

The Saudi government is [not] sued for their part in 9/11. Most of the alleged hijackers on 9/11 are Saudi. All Israelis are evacuated from the World Trade Center before the 9/11 tragedy.

Billions of dollars worth of US weapons disappear in Iraq. Arms drops to “friendly Al Qaeda?” continually end up in ISIS hands. US bombs anti-ISIS Syrian troops, again and again. Israeli airplanes bomb Syrian forces, again and again. ISIS is found using US weapons and weapons made in Israel.And not once has this supposed band of Islamic extremists EVER attacked Israel, or Saudi Arabia, or the United States.

Are you beginning to get the picture yet? If not, how much must be revealed before you figure it out?”

Compared to the following potted history of Isis:

The above story does not seem consistent. One of the missing elements is the encouragement of extremists to go to join the opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.