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Australia’s migration and humanitarian programs

June 19, 2017 - 12:32 -- Admin

Australia’s population growth rate is rocketing along primarily because of our migration and humanitarian programs.  These make up 54% of our total population growth.  Our migration program in 2015/16 took in 189,770 people gross and about 20,000 less than that allowing for permanent emigration.   The gross figure is within a smidgeon of the highest level ever recorded (190,000 a couple of years back) while the humanitarian program intake was 17,555 entrants which is the highest level of intake for 30 years.  The total gross intake was 207,325 people. Useful source documents are here (for migration) and here (for the separate humanitarian program).

Most of our regular immigrants come from India and China while about half of the humanitarian program come from the Middle East  (in 2015/16 4358 from Iraq, 461 from Syria, 1714 from Afghanistan, 337 from Iran).

The migration program for 2016/17 and the planned program for 2017/18 is basically a replication of recent trends with an intake of 190,000 being targeted (here). The humanitarian program will increase through to 2018/19 when it will amount to an intake of 18,750 which will create a new record intake over the past 30 years (here).  The bulk of this increase will reflect the 2014 commitment by the Australian Government to refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Australia is growing its population using the migration and humanitarian programs at the greatest rate for decades.