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5 (Easy) Ways To Increase Your Pet’s Health This Summer

June 30, 2017 - 05:38 -- Editor

By: Chelsea Rivera

We love our pets. That’s why we feed them the best food we can buy, make sure they get plenty of exercise, and cuddle them like there’s no tomorrow. However, no matter how healthy the dog food or how many walks you take your dog on, there are always ways to step up your pet parent game. Here are five easy things to you can this summer to ensure your four-legged friend is living the healthiest life possible!

1) Double Check Your Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a popular treat for your pup and whether you’re using it to stuff their kong or feeding it to them directly, your dog will absolutely love it. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common to see peanut butter that contains xylitol, which despite the fact is all natural, is still toxic to dogs. Make sure to double check your labels!

2) Get Your Pup a Dog Tag Today

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, only about 15-20 percent of all lost dogs are ever returned to their rightful owner. The summer months are particularly dangerous due to holidays like 4th of July where loud fireworks are sure to send your pup into a frenzy (one that could potentially send them running). Be sure to get your pup’s dog tag today!

3) Consider Switching to Wet Food

While dry kibble is definitely the most economical, raw and/or wet food generally offers your dog more nutrition as it is more protein based and relies less on fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. With that said, not all dogs should make the switch. For instance, if your pet is susceptible to weight gain, you might want to approach wet food with caution.

4) Add Some Tropical Variety With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers massive benefits to your pooch! For instance, it can heal irritated skin, help digestive issues, and support a healthy immune system, among many other things! It’s incredibly easy to incorporate in your dog’s diet too! This inexpensive option can be used topically, as a shampoo, or in their food.

5) Consider Using CBD if Your Dog is in Pain

With old age comes a whole slew of aches and pains that we have to deal with. Unfortunately, the same is true for your aging pet. However, instead of using prescription drugs that can cause organ failure or a laundry list of other adverse affects, consider using CBD dog treats. CBD, while extracted from the cannabis plant, is not a psychoactive stimulus. Instead, it provides the calming and pain-relieving sensations of the cannabis plant without the intoxicating effects of natural THC-heavy cannabis.

About Chelsea Rivera

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