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Why do you need a Content Management System?

August 4, 2016 - 16:10 -- Admin

Why do you need a Content Management System?

 According to recent studies more than 65 percent of the web development projects do not use a content management system (CMS). With so many advantages, it is surprising that more people are are not making use of content management systems for web site development. Here are eight reasons you should go for a CMS:

  • Accessibility – You do not need to be well versed with HTML or a programming language to build your own website with a CMS. As a matter of fact, anybody who is conversant with a word processor like Microsoft Word or Open Office can use a content management system with equal ease.
  • Independence – Since there is no coding involved, a content management system frees you from having to rely on an IT department or a developer. You are in charge of your own site. If you want to make an update or an edit, you can do it yourself without having to send someone a mail request.
  • Price – You save a lot of money by using your developer’s time more efficiently, or doing away with the developer completely.
  • Efficiency – A CMS stores the content in a database, where it is separate from the layout of the site and can be accessed easily. This dynamic approach to content makes it easy to update your site much more quickly. If you have a static site, you have to laboriously copy and paste to display the same text across multiple pages or update your tagline. With a content management system, you just have to do it once.
  • Collaboration – Most of the content management systems encourage collaboration by letting multiple users work on a single site, and a lot of them provide handy features like approval chains, workflows and permissions.
  • Instant access – Since most content management systems are online, users can gain access to them from any smartphone, tablet or computer that has an active internet connection. This makes it easy for workers across the country to be on the same page. You can even go to Tahiti and work remotely from there.
  • SEO-friendly – If you want to appear higher in Google search results, a CMS can help. Most of them come with built-in SEO tools like XML Sitemap generation and keyword monitoring.
  • Future-proof – A website that is powered by a content management system is displayed using the latest web standards. As they keep changing, your site changes with it.

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